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Nomad Essentials started in 2009 as a light bulb moment while Dean & Marnie were traveling.

Our conversation over coffee turned into a  list of all the essential gear you need when you travel.

Everything from comfortable bag designs to organizers and accessories.

Multifunctional bags using natural materials with just the right features & accessories.

The comfort and style of classic materials with the strength and longevity of modern fibres.

6 years, 50+ bag designs,  and lots of hard work later.

Welcome to Nomad Essentials

Engineered for Life

Bathroom Bag - 6- Nomad Essentials

Bathroom Bag

Triangle Backpack - 1- Nomad Essentials

Sling Backpack

Small Tote - 2- Nomad Essentials

Short Walk

Swag Bag - 5- Nomad Essentials

The Swag

Large Rollup Organizer - 3 - Nomad Essentials

Rollup Organiser

11 Satchel Bag - 5- Nomad Essentials

iPad Satchel


Switch Backpack

Mr Slim - 4- Nomad Essentials

Mr Slim

The Doctor - 3- Nomad Essentials

The Doctor Tote

Laptop Satchel Bag - 4 - Canvas - Nomad Essentials

Laptop Satchel Bag