no·mad [noh-mad]

1. a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally.

Functional and hard wearing canvas bags
and accessories

Our passion for traveling and the outdoors
had taken us all over the world


High Quality Canvas Bags & Travel Accessories

Nomad Essentials started in 2009 as a light bulb moment while Dean & Marnie were traveling.

Our conversation over coffee turned into a  list of all the essential gear people need to travel successfully.

Everything from comfortable bag designs to organizers and accessories.

We wanted multifunctional bags using natural, sustainable materials with the right accessories and features.

Bags that had all the comfort of classic materials with the strength and longevity of modern synthetic fibres.

And so here we are, 5 years, 50+ bag designs,  and a heap of canvas and hard work later.

Welcome to Nomad Essentials

Built to last the whole adventure.

Front Page - Triangle Bag - Accessories

Triangle Backpack

Small Tote Bag - 5 - Canvas - Nomad Essentials

Small Tote Bag

Front Page - Rollup - Group

Rollup Bag

Front Page - Leather Wallet - Inside


Sling BackPack - 6 - Canvas - Nomad Essentials


Laptop Satchel Bag - 3 - Canvas - Nomad Essentials

Laptop Satchel Bag

The Doctor Tote Bag - 7 - Canvas - Nomad Essentials

Doctor Tote Bag

Front Page - Leather Wallet - Group

Leather Wallets

Laptop Satchel Bag - 4 - Canvas - Nomad Essentials

Laptop Satchel Bag

Front Page - Triangle Bag - Model

Triangle Backpack

Front Page - Belt Bag - Group

Belt Bag

Foldup Wallet - 2 - Canvas - Nomad Essentials

Foldup Wallet